Unbeatable Audience Engagement

Web radios are the new trend. Engaging with your audience was made easy while extending your reach to other audience from different genre. What this means is we have created a firm and solid brand through our web radio. Since there is more freedom to this type of set up, there is more opportunity for everyone to voice out their thoughts, requests, and needs. Rus Radio2 doesn’t only play music for our audience, we listen to them too. Our ears are open for their suggestions, their requests, and feelings about our platform. We think this is our major strength, to be able to gather the audience to participate. It had a ripple effect on our audience leading Rus Radio2 to have more members to support the platform.

What Can You Get?

Rus Radio2 has all the music you would like for us to play. From pop, rock, classic, country, hip-hop, and RNB Rus Radio2 gathered them all for you. There will be live DJs on Fridays and live broadcasting on Sundays. Our DJs are very interactive to the audience. We can say that these programs we created for Rus Radio2 are genuinely fun as people get to really participate in the whole conversation. The makers of Rus Radio2 have understood how important it is that the audience should be part of the whole program. We have learned this from our previous tech blog that it is not enough to just provide high-quality content. We also need the website visitors to say something about our work. Their feedback and suggestions guided us on what we have to change, improve, and make the whole thing fun and engaging.

Freedom Like No Other

Here, you are free to choose what song, what to broadcast and express your individuality like no other. We think that web radios are in the starting phase wherein there are no rules mandated yet. But while they haven’t looked into the rules needed for web radios such as Rus Radio2, let’s enjoy the freedom and the authenticity while we can. But even there will be rules, we promise that our values which have taken us this far will always be in our core. There will be free music, live broadcasting, and engaging programs for the enjoyment of all our visitors. We will strive for Rus Radio2  to be authentic, audacious, and free.

Share This to Your Friends

If you love what we are doing, help Rus Radio2 get more supporters and members the more, the merrier. We hope that you see the value and hard work we put into this. You and your friends will surely be enjoying Rus Radio2 more as the time goes by. Rus Radio2 would like to send our appreciation to those people who are very supportive of the platform and our work. Rus Radio2 will continue to provide you with songs, great conversations during the live broadcast, forums, and future programs that will make Rus Radio2 more fun and as engaging as ever.